A close protection officer or CPO's sole job is to ensure a client's or principle's safety, security, both in the work place and in a home environment.

Signature Car Hire works closely with a select team of Close Protection Officers who are on hand to offer a service second to none, and with our superb range of cars and 4 x 4's all our clients not only travel in style but feel 100% safe and secure.

Closer Protection Officers for Security and Protection
Close Protection Officers work for a wide range of people and companies including people in the public eye, including royalty, foreign dignitaries, politicians, high-profile business people, high net worth individuals, legal professionals and celebrities. Clients may need a Close Protection Officer to combat over eager autograph hunters for example or a stalker in addition to helping prevent criminal activities such as kidnap and ransom and robbery. They are expected to provide an over watch of their principle (Protectee) and ensure their well-being and safety.

Additional specialist duties may include residential security, for example making sure the principal's premises are secure. Duties a Close Protection Officer carry out range from chauffeur driving; specialising in defensive and evasive driving, to assistance with travel arrangements and booking restaurants for example. However, Close Protection Officers should not be expected to carry out menial non protective duties or duties that take him away from his client.

Their work includes:

  • protecting the principal from threats of physical violence
  • checking out premises before the principal arrives
  • installing surveillance equipment, such as covert cameras
  • accompanying the principal on business and social trips
  • driving the principal to and from venues.

All our Close Protection Officers have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license and have a first aid at work qualification recognised by the SIA. In addition they have passed a close protection qualification endorsed by the SIA, and undergo checks through the Criminal Records Bureau.

Almost all Close Protection Officers have either been in the Armed Forces or the Specialist departments of the police where they have undertaken similar duties at government level.

Signature has a fleet of cars suitable for hire with CPO's. Many vehicles have tinted windows for extra security and privacy. For more information please call us on 0845 370 2222 or e–mail us.  

High Level Mobile Security
Signature can also offer services for clients who require high levels of security. Our experts are internationally trained security consultants, who specialise in the field of VIP protection. They have all held senior governmental security positions and have operated at the highest levels worldwide.

Signature is able to supply:
  • Complete VIP security teams, including individual security agents, personal bodyguards, advanced security parties and resident security teams;
  • Full training facilities staffed with training personnel;
  • Special risk consultants for the advanced planning of special events, conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • VIP security agents;
  • Comprehensive security packages at "turn-key" level.
Signature High Level Security Personnel employed in VIP Protection have been individually selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

The Specialist Services we can provide include:
  • Security & operations management.
  • Close protection and mobile security.
  • Static security and access control.
  • Emergency response and quick reaction.
  • Office and residential security reviews and enhancements.
  • Travel security assessment, protocols and operating procedures.
  • Information security assessment & protocols.
  • Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) risk management & mitigation.
  • Quick Reaction Teams.
  • Controlled Access Teams.
  • Guard & Explosive Detection Dog Teams.

Signature has a fleet of cars suitable for hire with High Level Mobile Security Service. Many vehicles have tinted windows for extra security and privacy. For more information please call us on 0845 370 2222 or e-mail us.