A fresh look at the Porsche 984

A new era calls for a new beginning: Porsche is now planning a 918 Spyder car ‘spinoff’ but this time, it will be a model with no hybrid features. The 984 is a 2+2 supercar that is meant to recoup money from Porsche building the limited-edition 918 Spyder. If the 984 gets made, it will be made from carbon-fibre and it is something that Porsche’s board is thinking about.

Since the hybrid feature is now no more, the 984 could come equipped with a 4.6 litre powerhouse of an engine. The 984 would be priced at over £400,000, and with this engine, it would also work in tandem with a 7-speed PDK transmission system. Production could start as early as 2017. Porsche fans can expect seeing statistics like 0 – 60 mph in 2.5 seconds peppered with 650 hp.

The Porsche 984 seems like a call to Ferrari and Lamborghini to be warned. If these performance statistics are anything to go by, Ferrari and Lamborghini definitely need to watch this German competitor that is building something special for the future.

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