A grounded service – taking you from the airport to the office in style

Our chauffeurs may drive some of the world’s very best cars, for the world’s most VIP clients, but their work is grounded in one thing: customer service. All our Signature hires come with a guarantee of excellent customer service, no matter what or where the journey. We are exceptionally proud of the commitment to their work that our chauffeurs display, not to mention the sales and maintenance teams that get the right car to the right place before any of the driving happens!


Why do we mention this? Because if you’re expecting a group of important executives from abroad, you need to make sure that they’re taken to their next destination – whether that be the boardroom or the hotel – in comfort and without delay. You can of course, arrange to do this yourself, or let them source their own transportation, but there are a number of reasons why this might not be effective.


The frequently heavy traffic around airports can, for example, cause delays that result in you leaving your clients stranded at the airport – which is never a good start to a business relationship! On the flip side, if your customers or employees are on a delayed flight, you’re wasting valuable resources by keeping your staff and vehicles waiting at the airport.

A company fleet, furthermore, is prohibitively expensive to run and maintain. With new vehicles being released to the market all the time, it also becomes a challenge to keep purchasing the vehicles that will live up to your company’s reputation for quality and excellence. If your vehicle is going to be the first thing your clients see, it needs to make an impact that will later serve you well over the negotiating table.

For most companies, of course, public transport is simply not an option. Foreign visitors will instantly feel neglected, and your own staff should be conveyed back to the office by a means that allows them to catch up on work on their way.


Rather than risk your client relationships, or make your staff feel ill-treated and unproductive, you can use the Signature chauffeuring service to ensure that they are picked up from the airport on time and taken to their destination in absolute comfort, with all the gadgetry they need to carry on working. Signature is the perfect choice for airport transfers because our headquarters are located close to major airports such as Heathrow, as well as smaller airports like Northolt which are becoming popular with private jet customers – particularly as the number of flights allowed there has now been almost doubled.

You can choose from a huge range of chauffeur-drive cars, from the new shape Mercedes S Class to the new shape Range Rover, the incredibly spacious Mercedes Viano which can accommodate 8 passengers, or our super luxurious Bentley and Rolls Royce options. Our 24 hour service ensures that you can take care of your people without the hassle of planning logistics, and our chauffeurs will guarantee they are met with a smile and every possible comfort.

To find out how your company could benefit from Signature’s airport transfer services, either for a one-off hire or a longer-term arrangement, contact us today.