A New Look For The Audi R8 Aims To Impress

The Audi R8 has changed how enthusiasts view the German car manufacturer’s supercar credentials. When it burst onto the scene, it was seen as a top supercar for footballers and celebrities. The R8 has been given a new look for the following year which is going to include noticeable changes. There are plenty of reasons why Audi decided to give the popular supercar a makeover. The most telling reason is to improve performance.

Eagle-eyed motoring fans noticed that an Audi R8 in camouflage was spotted driving around Nurburgring. Industry experts have noted that his new Audi R8 will include a dual-clutch S-tronic transmission system to assist with easier handling while in motion. Blistering speeds are expected from the new engines of the R8, depending on the V8 or V10s chosen by motorists.

Audi is adding new flavours and tastes to the engines. The V10 R8 will be a spunky 5.2 litre engine that is capable of circa 540 bhp, while the V8 will have a capacity of 4.2 litres. The engines of the new R8 will power the car to new heights when it is unveiled in 2013. This new Audi has been amped up which is bound to be enticing for motorists who are curious about how it will measure up to previous incarnations of the car. The R8 will have a brand new exterior that includes new LED daytime lights as well as a hexagon-shaped grille. This new exterior will make the car look menacing for its reveal at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

The new performance and visual additions of the Audi R8 are indicative of Audi’s direction with their line of supercars. The German car-maker wants to open up the R8 to a whole host of new motorists who are looking for sleek and aerodynamic supercar experience. New engines and new rear and front bumpers should solidify the R8 as a supercar that ticks all the boxes for the coming year.

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