A Sneaky Preview of the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Interior

new-mercedes-eclass-2As Detroit steadily fills its paths with auto journalists and car executives alike, we here at Signature Car Hire are in avid anticipation of the official unveiling of the new Mercedes E-Class at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show. We are itching to park it alongside our collection of executive fleet cars and let it join our family of Mercedes-Benz rental options in London.

To satisfy our cravings and whet our appetite – just a little – Mercedes have allowed us the pleasure of a glance inside the new saloon, and it does not disappoint.

Expectations are certainly exceeded, and its new features, without doubt, will truly astound you.

Headline Feature: Floating Windscreen Display
The new windscreen display, backlit completely by LED strips, wraps from door to door and creates a floating effect; forget those traditional bulbs – the LED lighting options can be customised with up to 64 different colours. Should the optional Burmester 3D stereo be sampled, the front door tweeters and roof speakers will also be framed with such ambient lighting.

new-mercedes-eclass-rentalAdditionally, the new Mercedes car will feature four central air vents, much like that of an S-Class, to lead down the centre console and flow directly into the armrest. Beautifully finished with open-pore wood and metal woven fabric, the new E-Class looks the epitome of effortless class and design.

Tron Inspired; Play Friendly
The futuristic widescreen, dual display is the real hot topic among the car crazy; inspired by the film Tron, the sheer look of the dials are interchangeable between Classic, Sport and Progressive schemes, to suit every occasion – albeit wedding, chauffeur service, or a standard Mercedes car hire.

Practicality Does Also Gain a Look-In…
Mercedes have, of course, considered the practical alongside the aesthetical, combining a sat-nav map, which also shows the nearest fuel stations, as well as the current price of whichever fuel you need. Take a bow, Mercedes.

new-mercedes-eclassNot to be forgotten: it’s ease of use.  Steering wheel mounted thumb pads ensure that your hands are not put out of joint attempting to navigate the huge screen, controlling the various menus through a simple swipe to the left and right, or up and down.

Extra Leg Room –Every Chauffeur Car’s Dream
The final feature is music to the ears of the tall among us – three inches more knee room in the rear seats, thanks to a thinner construction will be sure to please chauffeurs and passengers alike. The Avantgarde line seats are specially contoured to provide superior lateral support, while the AMG range’s seating features deeper side bolsters and a wider shoulder berth. The optional Designo seat proudly sports a diamond pattern, similar to the S-Class, along with enhanced lateral support.

 Mercedes Car Hire
Signature Car Hire always stocks the highest specification Mercedes-Benz models, and will be sure to add this exquisite E-class to the collection. Signature Car Hire provide the perfect platform should you require a Mercedes hire in the UK, and whatever the occasion may be, we will be delighted to guide you through seamlessly.


Stay tuned to the Signature Car Hire blog, which will detail the official unveiling the brand new E-Class exterior next week.