An indestructible S Class?

Signature Chauffeurs and fleetDid you know that Signature offers a CPO (Close Protection Officer) service for its VIP clients? Whoever you are, whether that’s a celebrity, foreign ambassador, corporate chief or royal, our expert staff will guarantee a smooth, discreet service that ensures you’re fully protected without noticing they’re there.

Given their line of work, our CPO’s know a secure car when they see one, and they’re extremely impressed by the new Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard, which really does raise the bar for armoured special protection cars.

Super-Safe-Mercedes-Benz-S600-Guard-2Although you’d hardly notice it’s not a normal S Class from the exterior, this remarkable car is built to the highest ballistic protection standards, meaning that it can withstand both military-grade small arms fire and attacks from beefier ordinance like grenades.

This high level of protection comes from the insertion of steel plates between the exterior skin and the body shell – even, unusually for armoured vehicles, underneath the vehicle. The plates overlap at critical points for extra protection, and are coated with extra materials to ensure they are splinter-proof.

The laminated, reinforced, splinter-proof windows are also quite literally bulletproof, not to mention so heavy that Mercedes-Benz has had to fit special hydraulic lifting systems to ensure you can still open and close them easily! Weight is definitely a feature of this car, with the whole thing estimated to exceed three and a half tonnes.

Mercedes-Benz-S600_Guard_2015_1280x960_wallpaper_08That doesn’t mean you can’t make a quick getaway, however – the car comes with a V12, 530BHP engine that produces 612lb-ft of torque, meaning you can be out of any sticky situation in no time.

Nor is any of the luxury is compromised, and the S Guard features all the comfort and business features that make the normal S Class such a popular choice with VIPs travellers.

To make it more secure, however, the S Guard has added extras such as opaque roller blinds, an auto-activated fire extinguisher and a panic alarm system. In the event of a chemical attack, the car also has an emergency fresh air system to keep passengers safe.

If you’re in need of a CPO service, or an ultra-secure vehicle, contact our Signature team today. Otherwise, this car is so discreet you’ll probably never notice it zooming past you.