An Insight into Bentayga Exterior Styling

Bentayga_Development_Drive_095 2-xlargeAs the Bentley Bentayga gets closer and closer to appearing on our roads, we’re learning more and more about its exterior styling. It’s clear that the car will maintain many classic Bentley elements, including the powerful lines, as Sang Yup Lee, head of exterior design, explains: “We have stuck to our power line, which grows out of the power vent. There’s also a lot of muscle. It’s very dynamic and hides its mass well… Its very tailored surface is suggestive of a crossover with considerable capability. The fresh proportions and fastback rear make a powerful statement.”

While its design shares many Bentley elements, the Bentayga also has more pronounced B lamps, and a long rear overhang. Even the classic Bentley sloping rear looks different on the SUV, as Sang Yup Lee explains: “It has a sensuous appearance – it shouldn’t look as if a lot of work has gone into it. It’s like the creases in a sail, it should like natural, with a refined elegance.”

Exterior-for-2016-Bentley-Bentayga-SUVThe full design won’t be revealed until later this year, although more and more camouflaged test versions are being spotted on roads. If you’re wondering why it’s taking so long to get to market, bear in mind that the new 6 litre W12 engine along has undergone exceedingly thorough testing: it’s done more than 100,000 under heavy loads, more than 100 hours in a climactic wind tunnel and ten weeks of hot-weather testing.

It sounds, however, as if the Bentley Bentayga will be more than worth the wait, and we can’t wait to see the final result of the marque’s extensive creative process.