An interview with our Fleet Purchasing Executive Ranjeev Singh

1. How long have you been working at Signature Car Hire?
I have been working at Signature for 4 years now.

2. What does your role as Fleet Purchasing Executive entail?  
It is my responsibility to get the latest models at the best prices, and selling when the times right to fight against depreciation of our cars. Also the find the latest ‘must have’ car that our clients will want to drive. I also ensure each model selected has top end specifications to make it top of the range and even more appealing to our clients.

3.What did you do before you joined Signature Car Hire?
Prior to joining signature I was at University studying Quantity Surveying Consultancy. I bit of a change in career, but I love what I do and am happy I moved into this industry.

4. What is your typical day like?
Time management is crucial as I have to meet deadlines and negotiate prices so there is lots of planning to ensure I get the right car at the right price.

5. What made you want to work in the car industry?
I have always had a passion for the automotive industry from a young age so was the perfect way to be involved with cars.

6. What’s the best part of your day?
Home time : ) hehe hmmmm probably.

7. Signature has top of the range models. Why is it so important to purchase the latest models?
To be leaders in the prestige car hire industry we believe we have to provide the latest vehicles for our clients because they are often hiring more than just a vehicle, they are hiring a dream, and experience and want the best in terms of quality, styling and comfort. This is always in my mind and a key criteria when it comes to my car selection.

8.In terms of specification for new cars, what is your criteria? High Spec…. lots of gizmo’s and gadgets, every boys dream! It’s also important to purchase the right colour. We have seen a trend for white as a popular choice for our clients in the last few years, but we stay up to date with current rends so you’ll see some new colour palettes added to our fleet over during 2014. In fact our latest addition was a super cool grey, a little more understated and elegant for a top end classy Marque like Bentley.

9.  Which are your criteria when it comes to buying a new car for the fleet? Always aim for a car with high spec ensuring maximum customer experience and travel comfort in addition to an easier sale when de-fleeting

10. Can you tell us any of your purchasing secrets? Or are you just a good negotiator?
Hmmm good negotiator sounds good : ) – I don’t think I can tell you any more of my trade secrets!

11.  Do you have the time to read car magazines, flick through brochures and recommendations? or do you have a different way to keep up to date about the latest news in the car industry?
I tend to flick through magazine’s to get a feel for current trends… but mostly I keep up to date via  online articles and dealer information.

12. Which car shows have you been to? And what was the best car on show?NEC, Top Gear, London Excell, Geneva to name a few but the best was the trip to the Lamborghini Factory in Italy. It was a personal invitation for myself and the boss and was truly memorable.

13. What car model excited most when you purchased it?
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. It was hotly anticipated for such a long time and its arrival didn’t disappoint! Our customers were as excited as we were and it caused a real buzz in the industry.

14. Which is your favorite car in the current Signature fleet?
Lamborghini Aventador.

15. Can you tell us which cars are already on order with Signature for arrival in 2014?
Porsche Turbo S – 991 15. If boss Dee gave you an unlimited budget, what car would you buy today? Hmmm perhaps a La Ferrari

16. What motivates you?
Ambition to hit my goals in life, and of course the cars around me; maybe to have my own collection one day!

17. What do you do in your spare?
I like to keep fit and regularly go to the gym.

18. What are 3 things you couldn’t live without?
Car, Ipad, Mobile….can I have a fourth an add internet access!!!