Another Day, Another Custom Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce just can’t get enough of customisation. Their latest tweaked offering is the Wraith “Inspired by Fashion”, which will set you back a chic $362,000. It’s not as gimmicky as it sounds, however: the original Rolls Royce cars were built near Savile Row, and the makers urged customers to have their coaches finished with trimming to match their favourite attire!


The car is designed to represent high fashion in a monochromatic, stark contrast sort of way. Nothing has been changed to the powertrain, still the V-12, 642-horsepower coupe, controlled by an eight-speed automatic transmission, but the body paint is now Andalusian White, with accent choices such as jasmine, red or purple.

The interior is predictably fabulous, with the starry-night ceiling providing a unique mood. All seats feature massagers and heaters, and are covered in high quality leathers with embroidered headrests. Although the interior is stark, with arctic white and black onyx the dominating colours, there are several beautiful accessories, as you’d expect from a ‘Fashion’ car. The Inspired by Fashion clock is particularly stunning, finished in a pearlescent coating that’s reminiscent of fine jewellery. The steering wheel is also a work of art: a two-tone meld of leathers that has – somehow – been seamlessly stitched to give it a unique tactile quality.

As with all their limited-edition models, this Inspired by Fashion vehicle won’t be a regular sight on our streets, but remains an exquisite reminder of the power of this exceptional marque. If you’d like to have something suitable in which to arrive at the next London Fashion week, why not check our our superb range of Rolls Royce cars here….