Are we Going to see the New F12 Berlinetta Sooner than Expected?

An exciting development has occurred in the run up to the unveiling of Ferrari’s more ‘hardcore’ version of the F12 Berlinetta, as photographs have just been released of something that looks suspiciously like what we’ve been promised.

This is a surprise, and a very pleasant one at that, because it was previously expected that we would not see the car unveiled until next March, at the Geneva Motor Show.  Now, however, critics are theorising that we may actually see the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, as this pictures are of a completely undisguised, complete vehicle.

The car was spotted at Ferrari’s base In Maranello, and although it is by no means guaranteed to launch early, at least gives us an indication of what we might expect when the day comes. As they show, the car has carbon fibre sections on the front fenders and side skirts, something that has perhaps contributed to its almost 200kg reduction in weight. This weight loss results in an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 531HP per ton, not to mention an estimated 0-62MPH time of under three seconds. The engine is still the same 6.3 litre V12 beast that’s under the normal F12, but it’s been tweaked to produce an extra 30BHP.

As well as a more aerodynamic body shape, something that necessitates limiting the car to a lower top speed than the F12’s 211MPH, it also has triple vents on the rear fenders to ensure that big engine keeps cool.

Will we see a full launch next month, or will Ferrari keep us on tenterhooks for a while longer? We’ll bring you news as soon as we have it!