Armoured Car Protection from Signature Car Hire

With the nature of society, business and politics changing daily, one can sometimes become a little more anxious about personal safety and that of one’s assets, especially in the current climate of civil unrest and rioting in our UK cities.  An easy answer to this challenge can be found in our newly-available Armoured Range Rover.

We recently introduced our Armoured Range Rover to cater to the needs of those who wish to hire the most prestigious marques in the world with added peace of mind that comes with this car. This specialist security vehicle is ideal for visiting dignitaries, VIPs, business executives, and couriers of high value merchandise or for any other individual who perceives a threat to their safety.
Comfort is still paramount when it comes to our cars and no compromise is made in the trade-off between luxury and safety with this Range Rover.  Our  Armoured Range Rover is bullet-resistant but still looks and feels exactly like the standard Range Rover hire vehicle, encapsulating the latest in technologically advanced armoured protection, to a standard of Level 5/Euro B6.

Lightweight Armormax ballistic composite material shields the body of the vehicle so when you hire this Armoured Range Rover from Signature Car Hire, you can be satisfied that you are safeguarded against a variety of threat levels including a high powered rifle attack.

We have years of experience in supplying our valued clients with a security service to match our fleet of luxurious cars, in the form of either a security driver or with a full close protection officer service, available with our prestige cars, so we are pleased to now extend such a vehicle as the Armoured Range Rover to offer every level of security available for hire cars.

The vehicle is available on a car hire basis, either with a chauffeur, or by using their specialist close protection officer service.

As standard to our overall service all vehicles are beautifully valeted before each rental, so when you hire this Armoured Range Rover, nothing will reduce the feeling of the style and luxury you encounter.  Dealing direct by avoiding any ‘middle-men’, and being the hirer of exactly the car you see pictured, your experience is guaranteed to provide all-round peace of mind.