Aston Martin Rocks Salon Privé

The Salon Privé Luxury Supercar Show & Concours d’Elégance has now been running for ten years, and is always a unique opportunity to see some beautiful cars in an equally exquisite setting, in the company of some glamourous guests. Marques compete to have the most eye-catching offer, and this year Aston Martin truly outdid themselves last weekend, with an incredible line-up that featured the Vulcan, the DB10, the DBX, the Vanquish ultimate GT, extreme V12 Vantage S and the recently-unveiled DB9 GT. It’s fair to say that fans of the marque were truly spoiled!


The Vulcan certainly drew attention, particularly because it’s limited to just 24 models and therefore almost impossible to find outside prestigious car shows. With more than 800 BHP and a hugely potent 7 litre V12 engine, the Vulcan is predicted to be able to do 0-60MPH in less than three seconds.

Another very popular exhibit was the Aston Martin DB10, which has been created exclusively for the forthcoming Bond film Spectre, which is due to be in cinemas next month. Only ten examples have been built, and it gave viewers a great insight into the future of Aston Martin’s aesthetic.

Speaking of aesthetic, the DBX concept car provided a poignant contrast to some of the marque’s other models, marking as it does a radical shift in the luxury GT segment. The car is rarely exhibited in the UK and allowed visitors to glimpse the extraordinary engineering that went into making this unusual car.

Commenting on their extensive line up just before the event, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “This impressive selection of new Aston Martin models, concepts and small series cars has never been seen in public together before. I’m sure it will attract a great deal of attention, and prove a fitting highlight for Salon Privé’s 10th anniversary event.”