Aston Martin winter driving school returns this February

aston-martin-on-iceWe recently wrote about the Lamborghini Winter Accademia, an adrenalin-fuelled trip to the mountains that allows participants to drive the Aventador and Huracán in some really interesting conditions.

If you read that and thought, ‘well, that sounds lovely, but I wish it wasn’t Lamborghini‘, then you’re in luck, as Aston Martin are bringing their winter driving school back for a second year. Called Aston Martin on Ice, the school offers three day courses at their specially-made driving course in Colorado.

Running over ten acres, the course takes 250 man hours to build and consists of a skid pan, braking/cornering loop, slalom and snow circuit. Participants get the benefit of expert instructors, alongside a range of beautiful Aston Martin cars.


It all sounds wonderful, but having seen the Bond film ‘Die Another Day’, we’re more taken by the marque’s alternative option – Aston Martin on Ice in Swedish Lapland. Here, the course is set out on a frozen lake and your car will be fitted with 2000 spikes to properly tackle the terrain – no ejector seats or machine guns, though!

Participants not only get the benefit of a truly unique driving experience, including ice driving at night, but they also take advantage of a cultural and gastronomical programme that seems worth the trip alone.

For more details visit here or watch the 2014 video: