Audi A8 to feature electrified powertrain

audiMore and more luxury car manufacturers are looking to add electric cars to their range, and Audi is no exception with the all-new Audi A8 to feature electrified powertrain as standard.

The all-new Audi A8 range will be launched next month and will be the first in the Marque’s history to feature the standard electrified powertrain. The combustion engines that will be powering this new luxury saloon will be fitted with mild hybrid technology based around a 48-volt electrical system which features as the primary electrical system for the first time. In the interest of greater efficiency the advanced technology will favour the running refinement and performance that are so crucial at this level.

This model features a BAS (belt alternator starter) which is permanently connected to the combustion engine which allows the car to start and accelerate without delay if, for example, it has come to a stop and a traffic light.

The fourth-generation A8 can also enter the noiseless coasting mode within speed range of 34mph to 99mph, and coast with 0 emissions for up to 40 seconds with the engine off altogether. All the driver has to do is depresses the throttle pedal and the belt alternator starter prompts a quick and smooth restart.

If all that wasn’t enough, this model also comes with predictive convenient starting: which means if the car in front of the Audi A8 moves, then the engine starts even if the brake is pressed allowing the driver will fall in with the flow of traffic.

Route information from the cars sensors, which include the front camera in conjunction with the powertrain management, uses this equipment to decide if the A8 is in coasting mode or recuperation mode.

The A8, the mild hybrid drive reduces fuel consumption during customer operation by up to 0.7 litres per 100 kilometres (62.1 miles). The new Audi A8 makes its world debut at the first Audi Summit in Barcelona on 11th July 2017.