Signature Convertibles Supercars

Summer is finally here, so imagine yourself driving to a chic – perhaps romantic – location in a stylish open top car.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? Whether you’re going for the full fantasy or just want something sporty that lets you feel the breeze in your hair while you zoom about, a convertible car is the perfect option. Dare we say it – they also have roofs, just in case the weather does let you down!

We’ve highlighted some of the best convertibles in our Experience Centre below, all ideal for plenty of summer weekend fun. If any take your fancy, however, you’ll need to be quick: we expect demand to be high as the temperatures start to rise!

aston_martin_virage_front_profile4Aston Martin Virage Volante
This beautiful, sophisticated car combines two of the essential assets for any supercar: Virage (French for curve) and Volante (Italian for speed). Gleaming white, its sensual shape is also aerodynamic, with Aston Martin accents such as the wide silver grille and distinctive LED lamps to complete the picture. With a 0-62MPH speed of just 4.6 seconds, it boasts a top speed of 186MPH.  Inside, you’ll find an interior luxurious enough for James Bond: the seats may be sports-style, but they’re also covered in luxurious fully-grained leather, while the surfaces are covered in Alcantara, walnut and Iridium Silver. Not only will the six-speed transmission, ergonomic set up and racing features give you a great drive, but the in-car entertainment system guarantees that you’ll never be bored. You can connect your favourite music through the iPod and USB connectors, and listen to it through a unique Aston Martin Premium Sound System, ensuring you have excellent sound quality no matter how fast you’re going!

bentley_gtc_front_profileBentley Continental GTC
Possibly our most luxurious option, this V8-powered Bentley is certainly a show-stopper. With 20-inch wheels, the distinctive winged ‘B’ and that trademark nose, this car is immediately identifiable as something to be reckoned with. These first impressions are certainly justified, with its twin-turbocharged engine and eight-speed automatic transmission the car can reach 0-60MPH in just 4.7 seconds. It’s top speed is a respectable 187MPH.

Inside, the car is a joy to experience. Soft, high quality leather seats with lumbar support, hand-crafted surfaces and a sense that everything is perfectly in proportion. Wonderful. Our favourite feature is the clock, which has been created by renowned Swiss brand Breitling especially for this model. Time may fly, but in our Bentley it does so in style.

 bmw-640d-m-sport-cab-side-viewBMW 640D M
Boasting the best of German engineering, this car is a refined convertible that uses BMW’s SunReflective Technology to ensure that you’re not just relying on the breeze to keep you cool. It’s this attention to detail on all things that makes the 640D M convertible such a brilliant car to drive. The engine, for example, is the latest from BMW: a three-litre, six-cylinder diesel that boasts technological improvements in engine revs and torque. Combine this with an innovative use of lightweight materials and you get a 5.3 second 0-62MPH time. As well as a sporty exterior, the 640D boasts all the interior refinements you’d expect of a car in the M range. An innovative ergonomic design puts the driver in the perfect position for every manoeuvre, expertly moulded side supports hug the driver, you have the enhanced abilities of M Drive and everything is adorned with the distinctive M emblem and features.

ferrari-458-spider-front-side-viewFerrari 458 Spider
Nothing works quite as well in the sunshine as a shining red Ferrari, particularly when it’s a convertible! The Italia is one of the most acclaimed Ferrari models in recent years and it’s easy to see why. A mixture of raw passion and supercar precision, it provides a completely thrilling drive. We’re the only company that offers such a high-spec’d 458 Italia for self-drive hire, and this is the perfect Bank Holiday car: memorable, exciting and with no-one of the responsibilities and costs that come with ownership. Not only does it contain a 4499 V8 engine, which drives the car from 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds, not to mention on to a top speed of 202 MPH, but it was the first ever Ferrari to come with the innovative folding metal (rather than canvas) roof. We could go on and on about the performance, the style and the interior features, but we suspect you’ll have more fun coming down to our Experience Centre and experiencing these for yourself.

lamborghini-gallardo-LP560-4-spyder-sideLamborghini Gallardo Spyder
A true automotive classic, the Gallardo is still as head-turning and exciting as it was when it first appeared. This Spyder version gives you the best of both worlds: the adrenalin-packed Gallardo experience alongside the chance to put the top down and enjoy the sunshine. Cool white with a black exterior, this is a stylish car that will ensure you make a great impression wherever your Bank Holiday travels take you. No matter where that may be, incidentally, you’ll get there pretty fast: this car does 0-60MPH in 3.6 seconds and roars onwards to a top speed of 201MPH thanks to its 5.2 litre V10 engine. This Lamborghini Spyder has been hailed as possibly the best possible version of all the Gallardo models so far – don’t miss out on your chance to see why.

porsche_boxster_front_profilePorsche Boxster S
Finally, we have the Porsche Boxster S. A Porsche never goes out of style and this model is an irresistible blend of performance and comfort. Boasting a 3.4 litre engine and the unique Porsche Doppelkupplung feature, the car will get you from 0-60MPH in 5 seconds, regardless of how much baggage you have crammed into the 280-litre luggage compartment. The interior is exceptionally comfortable and packed with useful technology, including the Porsche Communication Management platform which allows you to easily make a hands-free phone call while driving. It also features a state-of-the-art Bose audio system, ensuring that you have the perfect soundtrack to your summer car hire experience.