BBC to Bring Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear into our Homes for one Last Christmas

topgearGet set for Turkey and Top Gear this Christmas, as the BBC is set to show a two part programme that showcases the best of the Clarkson era. Entitled: “Top Gear: A-Z”, the special episodes will count down 26 classic Top Gear moments, each one themed to a letter of the alphabet. The programme is narrated by comedian John Bishop and each letter will be introduced by a former Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. We are promised insider facts and interesting statistics, alongside famous (or infamous) footage from the 13 years of the show.

According to the BBC, the programme is designed to close one chapter of the programme’s history and open another: “With Chris Evans soon to get behind the wheel for the new series of Top Gear”, they announced, “this two-part extravaganza celebrates the best and brightest from the Clarkson, Hammond and May years”. So probably no mention of the hotel ‘fracas’ then…

Whatever you think about the prospect of their beloved show being taken over by Chris Evans, current presenter of BBC Radio 2’s breakfast programme and TFI Friday, this two part series promises to be one final excuse to snuggle into the sofa and enjoy the Top Gear trio’s antics at Christmas – unless you have the Dave channel, of course.

Although Clarkson, Hammond and May are not involved with this programme, they are nevertheless keeping busy by filming a new motor show for Amazon Prime, which is due to be aired in 2016. We imagine many petrolheads are hoping Father Christmas will leave them an Amazon Prime subscription under the tree this year!