Beat the weather with an SUV this winter

range-roverIcy rain, dark days and lots of people wearing warm coats – it looks like winter is finally here! While this is great for those looking forward to snowball fights, cosy nights by the fire or even, dare we say it, Christmas, it does mean that you need to carefully evaluate your driving capabilities.

Driving on ice, snow or even just very wet roads can be very dangerous, particularly because many drivers don’t take adequate precautions and become a hazard to everyone around them. Winter tyres, snow chains and a quick refresher on how to drive on hazardous roads are all excellent steps to take, but if your car isn’t cut out for extreme weather, there’s only so far you can go. Rather than risk your beautiful sports car or saloon on the roads, why not hire one of our 4x4s to help you through the winter months? Whether you’re just braving the weather for a day, heading to the country for a long – and probably wet! – weekend, or need something on a longer term basis, we have options in our extensive fleet that are right for you.

porsche-cayenneFrom the sporty little Porsche Cayenne Hybrid to the sleek, sought-after Evoque, our Experience Centre is stuffed full of high-performance SUVs just waiting for you to hop in and drive them away. There really is nothing like a 4×4 for winter driving, not only do you feel safe and secure, but they are always at the forefront of luxury and comfort, meaning that you’ll have an enjoyable drive wherever you go. For example, while the snow falls outside, you can enjoy the luxurious heated leather seats inside the snug cabin of your 4×4!

It’s not just the size of SUVs that makes them great for navigating roads filled with snow, ice, debris or just bad winter drivers. Thanks to their need to traverse all types of terrain, their tyres are specifically designed to cope with extreme temperatures and uneven surfaces, giving you better grip and less chance of a puncture. The batteries are also sturdier too – built for long expeditions through precarious environments, the average 4×4 battery will last longer and give you the best possible chance of starting your car, whatever the conditions.

The technology is also streets ahead of the competition. As well as traction control, which will maintain the quality and safety of your ride on tricky terrain or throughout long distances, the cars contain a host of other features that will keep you safe this winter.


Take our new suite of Range Rovers, for example, which come with the Dynamic Programme. Containing Active Roll Control, Torque Vectoring and much more, the Dynamic Programme ensures you can control the car at all times. It also contains Terrain Response 2, which uses sensors to monitor the conditions around the car and adjust minute settings to ensure the car is optimised for the terrain. This is all on top of industry-leading suspension which comes as standard, making passengers feel like they’re floating on air – even when they’re traversing a river!

As well as their incredible technological features, there’s a lot to be said for the sheer practicality of our 4x4s. Featuring huge amounts of legroom, capacious boots for all your holiday luggage and lots of clever storage space, they’re the logical choice for any long winter journey. Many of our models come with high-quality entertainment packages, meaning that you can even keep the kids quiet with a film while you’re enjoying the drive.

If you’d like to hire one of our high-spec 4×4s, be it the Evoque, Vogue, Range Rover Sport, Discovery or Cayenne, browse the tempting pictures on our website, or call us today.