Behind the Scenes at the Signature Experience Centre with our Ferrari 458 Italia

Last week our photographer captured the elegance of our sublime luxury cars. This week it was the turn of our power packed performance cars, which included one of our most popular hire cars, the Aston Martin Virage Volante in addition to our brand new Mercedes S63 Biturbo and the stunning white Ferrari 458 Italia also another new addition joining our fleet of performance cars.

Our films capture the beautiful lines, sharp detailing and attention to detailing both on the exterior and interior of our cars. You’ll notice how beautifully maintained our cars are, from the shining showroom standard alloy wheels to the polished dash and comfortable leather interiors. Even without a shine, the Ferrari 458 Italia stands out of the crowd. It boasts a very striking design which was meticulously crafted by Ferrari in the name of aerodynamics. The Ferrari 458 Italia uses technology no other car on the market uses such as the front wings which are pushed down by air creating downforce as it speeds a long.

Our photographer has captured its muscular lines which makes the car look like its still doing 202 mph when it’s at a standstill at our Experience Centre. The 458 is a great grand tourer too, so our photographer has captured its black leather and alcantara upholstering that has been contrasted with cross hatched yellow stitching which obtains its colour from the yellow disc calipers.

However impressive our cars are, what won’t be captured on film is each cars powerful attributes, so here’s a summary of their jaw dropping numbers!

The Ferrari 458 Italia was put round Ferrari’s Fiorano track by Ferrari and inadvertently beat the Ferrari Enzo. This made the Ferrari 458 Italia the fastest track-bred Ferrari ever produced. The fire breathing heart of this legendary car is its amazing 4.5L V8 which produces 562 bhp at the rear wheels and an astonishing 540 lb-ft torque. With power figures this high, the 458 Italia has absolutely no problem hitting 60 mph 3.4 seconds and reaching its top speed of 202 mph.

Here’s our Ferrari F1 430 Spider video just for your viewing pleasure –

The Ferrari 458 Italia‘s keys are waiting for you, so make sure you enquire with us as there is a lot of demand for this car! If you’re looking to hire a different Ferrari, we have a lot to offer including the brutal Ferrari F1 430 Spider, the civilised Ferrari California which has an ability to retract its roof or if you want the 458 Italia but prefer the wind in your hair; our Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is coming soon, so watch this space! We believe our selection of Ferrari’s will be perfect for self-drive hire so you can experience their amazing performance!

If you like the look of our Ferrari’s, then make sure you vote for them on our poll for Signature’s Car of the Year on our Facebook page! Your vote counts and means a lot to us!