Behind The Scenes Look At Forthcoming Porsche 911 Turbo

The clearest spy shots of the soon-to-be Porsche 911 have just been transmitted.  The twin-turbo Porsche is currently undergoing its final phase of testing ahead of release.

Power appears to ooze from every pore of the new generation 911; this much is possible to see in the latest undercover photos.  It is clear that, in spite of a heavy disguise, the next rendition of Porsche’s classic produced-for-the-road supercar is going to another stunning model, worthy of the 911 badge.

The new 911 is longer and lighter than previously but these new photographs add weight to the case that the car contains a valued legacy inherited from its predecessors.  The Turbo moniker fits this car like a glove.   The performance flagship that is a 911 Turbo has been truly treated with respect and the homage it pays to its race-bred heritage.  The car is enhanced by larger-than-life wheel arches, enlarged alloy wheels and the omnipresent whale-tail rear wing.  As expected in the latest versions of the 911, this is speed-activated.

At the front of the car, one can spy larger brake ducts.  On the side of the car, it is impressive to see the large engine intakes rear of the driver and passenger doors.  Whilst a great style cue, it also is practical.  The 520 bhp 3.8 litre twin-turbo flat six engine is rear-mounted.  Such cooling power will assist the performance of the car.  This can be seen in its acceleration figures of about 3.3 seconds to reach 62 mph from zero.  It will also help keep the engine cool at the top end speed of 194 mph.

Whilst the intakes are designed with the engine in mind, they result in the 911 Turbo being suitably attired for a stylish rendition of a fast car.  Combined with the chunkier side skirts, the entire rear end of the car appears more heavyweight and sportsmanlike.  This aggression is also seen, alongside the larger rear wing, and felt, in the back bumper embedded with two large exhausts.

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