Bentayga wins at Autocar Awards Again!

bentleyWhatever you think of Bentley’s new Bentayga you can’t argue that it has been well received by the industry. Hailed by road testers as ‘the consummate, complete, luxury SUV’ the Bentayga has just picked up a top award at the Autocar Awards.

The Bentley Bentayga Diesel has picked up the Star Award 2017 after getting a 5 star rating from the publications rigorous road test. Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and CEO for Bentley Motors, said “The Bentayga Diesel embodies the finest craftsmanship and detail, while also demonstrating immense power and presence. Only Bentley can build a car this way, and this award is a testament to our talented and dedicated workforce in Crewe.”

High praise for engineering was given by Autocar particularly referencing the SUVs torque saying it had “effortless low-rev thrust” along with highlighting the quality of the models interior which “no other car maker could hope to match”.

If that all wasn’t enough then the Bentayga Diesel was also celebrated for its improved ride, grand touring capabilities, diesel refinement, and the unmistakably beautiful Bentley-brand cabin opulence.

Chief tester at Autocar Matt Saunders said “This car rises head and shoulders above any other in fulfilling the role of the consummate, complete, luxury SUV. And in five years, when there may be rivals… we won’t be surprised if it still does.”

This is the 14th ‘Star’ honour award given to the Bentley Bentayga from Autocar since its launch in 2016, praise given for the cars unrivalled luxury, innovative technology and effortless performance. Congratulations Bentley!