Bentley 4×4 Moves Closer To Production

The EXP 9F concept SUV from Bentley continues its refinement towards its production variant.  It appears that this journey is in the right direction.

Bentley received critical acclaim when it previewed the SUV concept, labelled the EXP 9F, at last year’s International Moor Show in Geneva.  Most of the feedback however erred on the side of critical and less of acclaim.  Popular feedback focussed on the marque’s ability to make the crossover with others more concentrated on the styling of the concept.

It would seem that news all the way along the development pathway shows that Bentley has displayed a true listening ability. Whilst the car’s outward appearance may have changed just a little, it has moved somewhat toward a true reflection of what makes Bentley great.

The engineering of the car has now been revealed as accommodating off-road driving, as opposed to taking on new territory in a head-on battle with the best four by fours, by far.  Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer was quoted as saying recently that the car “will be able to sustain the stress of off-road driving”, as opposed to trying to turn itself into something that it is not.  This will allow the Bentley to be more of what it should be, and deliver more of what Bentley are renowned for.  Given the amount of off-road driving to which most 4x4s are subjected, this seems like a much more intelligent solution anyway.  The car will be powered by the Bentley standard, its twelve-cylinder bi-turbo power unit, with a V8 option available.

The interior and exterior of the car are now free to provide classic Bentley elegance and luxury. There may even be a third row seat, for the hired help that owners of Bentleys often employ to help them with the more mundane tasks in life.  This should be fitted without compromising on the immaculate four-setting picnic set and picnic bench in the back of the car.  The quilted leather and wood veneers of the interior cocoon will certainly offer respite from whatever environment in which the car finds itself outdoors.

You can sample of the kind of luxury one could expect from the Bentley all-rounder in their flagship Mulsanne, available on chauffeur-driven or self-drive car hire. This is a car in no doubts about its identity, or intense pedigree.

Its onyx exterior concentrates everything that Bentley has to offer into an almost surreal silhouette.  It thankfully is tangible.  The steel matrices in the front grill and skirting and circular headlights carry the racing genes through, whilst the twenty-one inch alloy wheels and stately lines of the car imbue the prestige of its lineage on the car.  Inside the Beluga-tinted cabin, ambient interior mood lighting, flawlessly-matched fabrics and other exquisite detailing combine to provide an iconic Bentley experience.

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