Bentley Bentayga Tested in extreme Artic Conditions – Film Released

bentleyThe launch date for the new Bentley Bentayga is getting closer day by day and Bentley keep releasing teasers to get us excited about their new SUV. Described as a vehicle with power and purpose Bentley aims to redefine how we look at the SUV and what they mean by performance.

Bentley’s latest invitation is to share their very latest film preview of the car, which is set to redefine an entire automotive category.

Showcasing the incredible performance, capability and sheer torque of the Bentayga the SUV tackles extreme conditions on Bentley’s highly secretive test track in the Arctic Circle. With temperatures  as low as18°c this hostile environment provides punishing, but ideal, testing conditions.

The Bentayga test vehicle is put through its paces on this extreme terrain, something Bentley envisioned them to conquer. This Ice film footage is truly remarkable, even more so when you realise it is all being achieved with class-leading fuel efficiencies.

As you would expect from a top marque like Bentley the Bentayga excelled in all aspects of the testing enviroment. …watch this space for more news on their SUV as it is released.