Bentleys Need For Speed To Continue Ad Infinitum

The future of the W12 is unclear. What is known however is that it will be will glorious, illustrious and power-packed.

The Continental GT, when launched last year, heralded a new epoch for Bentley in that it saw the birth of the new V8 engine. The twin-turbo V8 did however continue one proud Bentley tradition, in that abundant amounts of power are omnipresent.  Its 500 horses were after all only 67 less than the 567 hp of the standard W12 engine. Whilst it could be described as compact and economical, adjectives which are not typically used to describe a Bentley engine, it still lives up to the convention of massive power output.

The future of the W12 therefore was uncertain. However, recent rumours from Crewe allude to an exciting prospect to which we can all look forward. It would seem that the existing power output of even the top-end twelve-cylinder engine, currently found in the Continental GT Speed, at 625 horsepower is not enough to satisfy the designers at the fine marque. After all, this is still in the shadow of the Supersports model of the previous generation, which could produce 630 hp on demand.

The configuration which could see this figure surpassed is an exciting concept to anticipate. A fresh Supersports of this new face-lifted Continental could well be the steed of the chart-topping evolution of the W12. A passenger-car version of the Continental GT3 concept could also be an option in which to house the post-630 hp engine. Whatever the final mount, it should be a thrilling package. Bentley’s engineers are letting nothing out at the moment, saying only that the engine ‘has much more to give’.

This could come as quite a surprise, to anyone who has driven the engine, such as in the Bentley GTC Supersports on self-drive hire. Billed as an enthusiast’s car, the car carries W12 engine with pride, ensconced as it is in the marvellous supine convertible. Even in such spectacular surroundings, the shines through in its innate ability to delight. Even more enjoyment comes from the rest of the car driven on a short-term hire.  In Ice White and Beluga, the car is majestic in appearance and yet still retains an intense amount of sporty appeal. For some serious attention to your fun, this is the car.

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