bmw engine

BMW are leading the way

bmw engineBMW are making an obvious commitment to the future with BMW i and BMW EfficientDynamics.

The German manufacturer is looking ahead and placing more emphasis on their “Made in Germany” products; like their electric powertrains and cutting-edge, low-emission, low-carbon diesel solutions that they hope will meet Euro 6 standards.

Harald Krüger, BMW Management Board Chairman talking about their future commitment explained: “Sustainability is as much a part of us as Sheer Driving Pleasure. With BMW i, we were the first German manufacturer to make a clear commitment to electric mobility”.

He went on to say “As well as emotion and pleasure, we are convinced that future mobility must be sustainable mobility. We are driving the transition as hard and as fast as possible and have launched more electrified vehicles than any of our established competitors”.

BMW understand that manufacturers can’t rely on any one single option. That’s why they have also investigating diesel engines with modern improvements in efficiency making them a more feasible option. Diesel engines now produce the same amount of CO2 and other emissions as a regular petrol engine removing pollutant issues which had until now held back a proper and scientific discussion on the future of sustainable mobility.

BMW is looking forward to improvements that equal success. With sales of their electrified vehicles expected to reach 100,000 this year there is every possibility this could happen. BMW plan a more flexible production approach with the continued optimisation of current technology and development of plug-in hybrid cars as well the launch of BMW iNEXT to help push ahead with nnovation and cement BMW as the centre of electric mobility technology.