Breath Taking Mercedes Benz Supercar Expected To Debut In 2013

Next year, Mercedes-Benz is due to launch a new performance car. Recently spied in test shots, it could very well redefine what it means to have top-end horsepower.

From its goliath trucks to its sleek and luxurious cars, one thing that Mercedes Benz is well-renowned for is its liberal use of horsepower. With both cars and trucks being champions in all formats on the race track it is no wonder that its production vehicles would be the recipient of a healthy sprinkling of power under the bonnet.

Within its high-performance car stable, one easily locates the SLS AMG and AMG Black series towards the sharp end. The scene is now set however for the essence of the two to collide in what promises to potentially shift the world of road cars on its axis.

It is reported that AMG is getting ready to roll out the production of the SLS Black Series. If this, and the white prototype glimpsed on the road, are more than just figments of the incredibly-creative imagination of the engineers at the Silver Star design studio, then what could possibly be the most devastatingly-handsome and powerful car ever will hit the road in under twelve months.

Test mules caught on camera last year have recently been superseded by photographs of a white prototype. Obviously, the body kit still leaves much to be guessed at, but already it is possible to see that adrenalin and aggression are keynotes of the car, as demonstrated by its exterior.

It is under the skin however, that we can expect to see a quantum leap in what Mercedes performance road cars have to offer. A monstrous 563-horsepower 6.3 litre V8 is expected under the bonnet of the SLS AMG.  This could be boosted to approximately 600 hp with the presence of a larger air manifold, re-profiled camshafts and a higher compression ratio.

This should all serve to produce an eventual 0-60 sprint of just 3.5 seconds. Understandably, after such a take-off, one can also look forward to braking capacity which will be sufficiently engineered to provide a matching level of stopping force. Top-end speed could be in the region of 208 mph.

The initial car will be available in a Coupe configuration. The upgraded Gullwing could possibly lead to a Roadster at another point in the exciting future, but for now saving up towards the 260,000 Euros needed for the Coupe should keep any enthusiast focused.

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