Coming Soon: Ferrari 458 Spider, an Exceptionally World-Renowned Car

Critically acclaimed by both journalists and drivers alike the world over, the latest offering from the stable of Maranello is coming soon to the luxury fleet of prestige hire cars at Signature Car Hire.  Composed of the mid-rear V8 engine and cabriolet cockpit, this ground-breaking super car enjoys a Ferrari-patented, fully retractable hard top, something never before available.  Even this all-aluminium roof is worthy of praise, dropping the weight of the car by 25 kilos and available or stowed in just 14 seconds.    No compromise in performance or aerodynamics was acceptable and so the hard top becomes an integrated style cue of this car.   Even room for luggage behind the rear seats is accommodated, qualifying the 458 Spider ideal for a self-drive weekend car hire.

The first official image of the Ferrari 458 Spider shows lines embedded with performance-oriented efficiency in both design and execution.     First to greet is the nose of this supercar, featuring a single aperture capturing both the front grille and side air intakes.  Aerodynamics on this car are, unsurprisingly, excellent.  This leading profile allows air to the coolant radiators, and the new, flat, under-body.  Small aero elastic winglets in the nose also generate down force, deforming as you accelerate to reduce the profile of the radiator intake and, consequentially, drag.  Twenty LEDs are used for indicator and daylight running light functions ensuring a sleek yet crisp appearance.

This perspective continues along the body of the car where no intakes clutter the side view and the sills are active in fluidly providing keel forms which curvaceously give fairings to the rear wheels.   The tail of the Spider contains the oil radiators for the F1 gearbox and dual-clutch, being fed with air from two intakes on top of the rear wings.

Even the V8 engine has been recognised, when it recently won the ‘Best performance Engine’ and ‘Best Engine above 4 litres’ at the International Engine of the Year awards.  Fast becoming renowned for its engineering excellence with world-class levels of refined performance, sheer drivability and even economy, the naturally-aspirated direct injection 4.5 litre delivers maximum power of 425 Kw at 9000 rpm.  Topping the odometer at 198 mph, this powerful unit makes 540 Nm of torque available at just 6000 rpm.

Enthrallingly, our 458 Spider will be fitted with 20” wheels with uniquely developed tyres.   Receiving power from Ferrari’s brilliant dual-clutch F1 paddle-shift transmission through the innovative E-Diff, they will be magic partners for the F1-Trac traction control and high-performance ABS for amazing handling dynamics.

Exceptional braking is found in Ferrari’s high-performance carbon-ceramic Anti-lock Braking System, featuring 6-pot aluminium callipers with 398 x 36 mm front discs and 4-pot aluminium callipers with 360 x 32 mm discs at the rear.  Combined with the evolutionary Ferrari Pre-Fill logic, an outstanding braking distance of 100-0 kmh in 32.5 seconds is yours to exploit.

Accolades for this car include Top Gear’s description of a ‘game-changing car, off the scale’. The Daily Mail calls it an ‘awesome example of car-making art at its highest level and is probably the finest sports car you can buy’.  Should you not be convinced by the more than 30 international awards that the 458 Spider has garnered, you can hire it for yourself soon at Signature Car Hire and see for yourself why it is so highly acclaimed.  No need to buy after all when we can offer this Ferrari for self drive hire.