Coming soon Range Rover Evoque – Coming Soon to the Fleet

Demonstrate your prowess for choosing the best in latest motoring technology when you hire the Range Rover Evoque from Signature Car Hire, who will be your first source for this exciting new Range Rover hire this year.  Coming soon to the largest fleet of self-owned, luxury hire cars in the country, the arrival of the Range Rover Evoque hire car will once again demonstrate the first place that Signature Car Hire occupies as it stays ahead of the competition in the luxury car hire industry.

Just as Signature Car Hire has rewritten how to hire the most prestigious marques in the world, this Range Rover Evoque hire car will redefine the 4×4 vehicle.   Your ultimate driving pleasure starts the moment your eyes feast on this new flagship four wheel drive vehicle.  Nothing previously imaginable compares to the futuristic looks of this SUV.  Eloquent Range Rover styling is matched with twenty-first century lines to provide a powerful presence on or off the road.

Just as you would expect from the leader in the UK self drive hire industry, Signature Car Hire buys all its cars from new with high specifications. The Range Rover Evoque will continue this standard of excellence. A Mahle sound generator emits the classic Range Rover velvet growl throughout your 0-60 acceleration in 7.1 seconds, with a lower emission exhaust system.  A turbocharger will be available on the petrol model for increased efficiency.

Packed with forerunner technology, the Range Rover Evoque will raise the bar for 4x4s.  High specifications such as computational fluid dynamics and lightweight alloy suspension components will add to your feeling of being the first to self-drive the pinnacle in refined all-road vehicles.   Terrain Response and Adaptive Dynamics systems compound to ensure that your comfort is not compromised by being able to go wherever you desire.

Flagship luxury styling is at the forefront of the design, underpinned by the incredible amount of space available.  Ride height and extraordinary viewing width through the large windows will deliver a formidable feeling of unlimited power. You may have to get used to these reactions when you hire this ultimate 4×4, coming soon to Signature Car Hire.