Craftmanship – The Rolls-Royce

contact_threeblock_dCraftmanship – The Rolls-Royce way

The rise of the artisan has been seen in many consumer industries such as food and art. The luxury goods industry is one of the best examples of what craftsmanship has become thanks to the amounts of artisans who are employed by luxury goods companies. Rolls-Royce is an excellent case study of the importance of craftsmanship because all of the cars produced by the English manufacturer are based on the idea that craftsmanship transcends looking the same.

The Rolls-Royce way explained

The artisanal element of Rolls-Royce cars harks backs to the days of one of its founders, Sir Henry Royce. He famously said “take the best that exists and make it better and when it doesn’t exist, design it.


Craftmanship at Rolls-Royce has excelled thanks to being at its Goodwood location. It’s no coincidence that the name Goodwood and craftsmanship goes together. Let’s look at the details of what makes the artisanship at Rolls-Royce so special.

The veneers

Every Rolls-Royce enthusiast is excited about seeing the veneers in every Rolls-Royce. The wood veneers remind us about the vintage glory of Rolls-Royce that is visible in every Ghost, Phantom and other Rolls-Royce cars today. It looks classy, elegant and glossy. Craftsmen and women are responsible for the wood veneers that can take up to 40 types of wood. Lacquer is applied and the veneer is then given a sharp inspection to make sure that it is free of flaws or blemishes. Veneers are described by Rolls-Royce as being as unique as a fingerprint. The marque stores them in a humidor to ensure that the wood can breathe before they are put into the car.



The coachlines of Rolls-Royce cars are all painted by hand and they are done with precision. An ox and squirrel brush is used by the painter to ensure absolute and total precision. 1 brush is used to paint one line and it is done to the highest standard to ensure that it is absolutely perfect. If you think the painted coachline is impressive, look at how the leather interiors are done. They are made from the highest grade of bull hides. Artisans then use a process called drum pigmentation to apply the colour according to the specifications of the buyer. This process allows the ripples and characteristics of the leather to be seen in ways that can’t be seen by other cars. Natural Grain Leather is just one of the types of leather hides that highlight the handmade stitching by Rolls-Royce that looks elegant and elaborate.

Through all of these details, you can see how rich and textured the details that the craftsmen and women at Rolls-Royce can achieve. The eyes of the enthusiasts are bowled over thanks to the veneers, coachlines and intricate upholstery that make Roll-Royce the unique car marque that it is.