Does BMW hold the key to a SUV for Rolls-Royce?

Rolls Royce is interested in manufacturing a SUV as part of its long-term strategy to reach out to more customers. The unveiling of the Wraith, the coupe from Rolls Royce is part of this plan to find a younger customer base and a SUV can achieve this without a doubt. The marque is toying with the idea but it is all going to depend on whether the BMW X7 happens because Rolls-Royce needs to work with a BMW platform to make the SUV a reality.

The BMW X7 would be seen as a competitor to the Mercedes GL however Rolls Royce has to get the green light from its parent company first. If it happens for Rolls, it would probably be a four or five-seater SUV that is drenched in luxurious accents. It would probably have the shape of a tall shooting brake as opposed to anything that looks bulky.

For what engine could suit a Rolls Royce SUV, a twin-turbo V8 would be more at home than the V12 that customers are used to. Experts think that Rolls Royce will stay just as mysterious when it comes to choosing an appropriate name for the SUV – just as how ethereal the Ghost and Wraith sound as names, there could be a chance of Seraph, Spirit or Shadow being names for the SUV. Only time will tell – as long as Rolls-Royce’s parent company gives the go ahead, a SUV from this famous British car marque could be something we can look forward to in the future.