Does this Aventador look like a Veneno?

LAMBORGHINI1CarBuzz has featured a customised Aventador, which they feel looks like the legendary Lamborghini Veneno. The reason for their excitement is that the Veneno was an exceptional car which, to the dismay of Lamborghini collectors everywhere, was made in just 4 units – including one kept by Lamborghini themselves. If one of these ever comes on the market, you’ll have to part with at least $4,000,000 before you even have a shot at owning one.

The idea of being able to replicate the car’s extreme design on a cheaper Lamborghini model – and we’re talking in relative terms here – is therefore very attractive. The car featured on CarBuzz is an Aventador which has been given some Veneno-like wheels, which look rather spectacular in the photographs.

LAMBORGHINI2Yet these wheels on the Aventador are not the brainchild of the Lamborghini design team, but rather a bespoke order made by their Ad Personam team. The Ad Personam programme rivals that of those offered by Ferrari and Rolls-Royce, and gives customers a variety of options for interior and exterior personalisation. Thanks to developments in their offering, customers can customise up to 60% of their car. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, the marque’s personalisation manager Vittorio Gabba commented: “When you buy a dream, you want something more. Our clients want their personal touch, their personal taste, to create their own Lamborghini”.

The Ad Personam seems to offer a huge amount of potential for fans of the marque who want to put their own stamp on a car that’s guaranteed to be fantastic. Would you make your Aventador more Veneno-like? Do you think the car in the pictures looks like a Veneno? Let us know in the comments.