Driverless cars to be on the roads in January – but what will you lose?

driverless-car The government has just announced that driverless cars can be trialled on public roads from next January.

Vince Cable unveiled the plans at a recent visit to Mira, an automotive engineering firm, and at the same time invited cities to apply to be one of the first to host this technology. Cities have until October to declare an interest, with the winning three given the right to host a 18 – 36 month driverless car trial, and to cover their costs with a share of the £10million project fund.

The UK is by no means the first country to experiment in this field: several US states have already approved tests, and Nissan have previously conducted tests of driverless cars in Japan. Before the cars are a reality for any of us, however, there are still various concerns to be resolved.


Legal issues, insurance costs and safety are all big concerns, and the Highway Code will have to be amended to cover new considerations for driverless cars. Manufacturers are also faced with the tricky stylistic questions around how to conceal all the sensors required to make a driverless car function. Given these considerations, it seems as if it will be quite some time before we are able to purchase a driverless car of our own.

Car like ours were designed with the driver in mind. We believe that the sheer thrill of driving a car is all part of the enjoyment, especially when it comes to a prestige or performance car. To be able to hear the engine purr and feel the rev of the engine is something a driverless car will never be able to replicate. Driving is a passion, and car enthusiasts know that there is nothing that could replace the feel of being in control of the cars acceleration and performance.


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