Dynamite Comes in Small Packages; See Explosive New AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper Coupe

Treating the already-thrilling new MINI Cooper Coupe to some special attention, the German after-market tuners AC Schnitzer have not held back for this supercar in miniature. 

Wrapping up the MINI Cooper Coupe was always going to be a fun job.  This seductive little bundle of joy is attractive already.  More-usually famed for their work in blue-blooded German marques such as BMW and Porsche, AC Schitzer did not hold back in their timeous release of a comprehensive package of performance outfitting.

Delivering the AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper Coupe almost as swiftly as the original MINI Cooper Coupe has been released; it is a good example of their own attitude to high-performance.  The speed with which they have applied after-market finishing doesn’t mean however that they have held back in either quantity or quality. And the best news on those treats is that there will be more modifications available in the near future.

The Cooper S now has a limited slip differential, and a sports rear silencer together with chrome exhaust pipe trim.  The prized John Cooper Works Coupe models also benefit from this exhaust system. 

Given that the promised and upcoming power tuning will increase the MINI Cooper Coupe’s ability to go, Schnitzer have already made progress on its ability to stop.   The diminutive yet punchy sportscar will be able to benefit from the new high-performance brake system, complete with four-piston fixed callipers and slotted discs.

Improved handling is available from the height-adjustable racing suspension.  This is used to take the car lower to the tarmac for optimal race conditions, improved aerodynamics and down-force, and reduced drag.  Track conditions are mirrored with a stiffer spring suspension kit, aluminium strut brace, and rear antiroll bar all being available.   

Beauty as well as brawn is enhanced with the 17’’ Mi 1 Silver, or 18’’ M12 Bicolour alloy wheels.  These are available for all distinguished MINI Cooper Coupe models.  Further embellishments are present in the form of an exterior decal set, a gear knob with digital gear display, aluminium pedal set and ‘Black Line’ handbrake handle.   Of course, the unique AC Schnitzer hallmark is adhered on the rear bumper and slicing through the MINI Cooper stripe towards the rear wheel arch. 

With apparently more to come, this is one instance where Christmas really does come twice.  If it’s the sort of car you would like to see in the Signature Car Hire experience centre, let us know by leaving a comment.