Recommendations when you want them – now you can ‘Google Plus 1’ us!

We have always had a desire to stay ahead in everything we do.  We’ve always been number one with the fastest cars, brought to you first, leading the market with our marques, models and service.  Now, we have gone one better and added Google + 1 to our innovative website.

Of course, we wouldn’t bring you something if it wasn’t simple, fast, fun and useful, and your ability to Google + 1 is no exception.  Google explains that the +1 button is shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out’ which could well apply to any of the prestigious supercars on our webpage.

Click +1 to create a recommendation to your friends and others when you browse our site. Now you can let your friends know which cars you prefer.  With so many wonderful luxury hire cars on offer, maybe you’ll find one you ‘Plus-Oned’ under the Christmas Tree. You can also Plus 1 our whole site or just your favourite car, whatever you prefer!  Help your friends and other car hire enthusiasts choose the best car for their sports car hire when you +1 a car – it’s your way of giving your stamp of approval.

Seeing +1 is like getting helpful recommendations just when you need them most. With so many amazing models on our website, trying to decide which one you want means seeing a + 1 could make your choice easier.

Creating +1 is as simple as being signed in to your Google account.   To +1 us, you first need a public Google profile. This helps other people see who recommended that fantastic piece of motor sports engineering.

If you want to be in the coolest driving seat, see which of our cars have the most +1s!