Eric Clapton Cements his Supercar Status with some Help from Ferrari

Eric Clapton was reported to have requested a unique, bespoke model from leading Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari, last year. Until recently, Ferrari had kept the news firmly under wraps, unlike their collaborations on the SuperAmerica 45 and P540 Superfast Aperta, which they were ecstatic to confirm at the time.

A long-time aficionado of fast cars, Clapton has had his eye on Ferrari sports cars for a while. Developed from the Ferrari 458 Italia and designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina and Ferrari’s engineers in Maranello, the SP12 EC is described in a press release issued by Ferrari as being “created as homage to Clapton’s career and his long lasting experience as a Ferrari owner”.

It can now be revealed that the production of the motor has indeed taken place, with a video for the custom Italia 458 having gone viral over the internet. It was recorded at the HR Owen London dealership in England, and is believed to have been commissioned by the talented musician.

The inspiration for the motor came from the 1970s Ferrari 512 BB (Berlinetta Boxer), which boasted a flat 12-cylinder engine and often came in the classic two-tone colour scheme of red and black, similar to the one of the custom-made Italia 458 on show. Classic 512 BB styling touches on the SP12 EC’s hand-built body include a larger air intake at the front of the motor, with grey slats on the front boot lid and a two-tone red and black paint scheme. The car is part of Ferrari’s One-Off Programme, which was set up in 2007 to create unique models following demand from customers. Requirements of the scheme ask for cars to be built having to be based on an existing Ferrari platform, with customers also receiving the tooling used to make the car, thus ensuring that it will remain unique.

According to GTSpirit, the official name of the car is SP12 EPC, which is a compound of Special Program 12 (for the V-12 tribute) and Eric Patrick Clapton, the artist’s full name. The angular headlights are the same ones fitted to the Enzo and behind the seats is the 458 Italia’s 4.5-liter V-8. According to sources, Ferrari was unable to install one of its V-12 engines into the tight confines of the 458 body.

Clapton is said to be thrilled with his new purchase, reported to have been in the region of $3 million, claiming that it was one of the most thrilling projects he had undertaken in his life.