Ferrari 458 Spider Hire

Just when you thought there was nothing to better the experience of any of the models from Ferrari along comes the new Ferrari 458 spider for hire, the epitome of all things Ferrari. To hold true to the tradition that Signature is renowned for; to get the latest must have super cars, they are excited to ensure this car is on order and coming soon to their fleet.  This is not a biased opinion – the car has been widely accoladed.   Fifth Gear called it ‘Fast Car of the Year’, Top Gear Magazine gave it ‘Supercar of the Year’ and ‘Car of the Year Awards’, and CAR Magazine ‘Performance Car of the Year’. With such distinguished compliments, there are just no reasons why anyone shouldn’t hire this car and find praise for it themselves.

From the sculpted body to the electrifying engine to superb drivability to a fabulous interior, the Ferrari 458 Spider shows everything in its bloodlines, and more.  It exceeds the expectations delivered by the Ferrari 458 Italia, with the added seduction of a convertible.  The Ferrari 458 spider hire does however come with a hard-top available for hire already, just in case the weather threatens to dim the light of your self-drive hire.

It is under the bonnet however where the DNA of this super Ferrari 458 hire car is really breathed alive. Reaching 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, this 4499 V8 rear-mounted direct injection engine shows what is in its genes.  Benefitting from the development of GDI with split injection, the engine receives fuel in two intermittent levels, improving the torque of the Spider, as well as the combustion efficiency.

When you hire our Ferrari Spider, your adrenalin will certainly be pumping.  The secret to this superb engine performance is in the innovative way that Scuderia Ferrari engineers have tackled the challenge of engine friction.  Scavenge pumps installed in the cylinder block lessen the impact from friction.

Excellence in road-handling is delivered via the transmission and braking system.  The dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox allows absolute control of torque and speed, and needless to say, extreme rapture.  This is complemented by a braking system to be expected on this fully-loaded supercar.   A partnership of Bosch logic and Ferrari Pre-Fill Logic, braking speeds of 100-0 km/h in 32.5 metres, demonstrates how ideal this soft-top is for a Ferrari 458 hire.

Anyone who takes advantage of this hire Ferrari spider will not fail to be overawed by the interior.   Sumptuously-styled leather, steering-wheel located controls, feedback from exterior systems, unique climate control, and a luxury multimedia entertainment system combine to blow you away.

The Ferrari 458 Spider hire is one experience that no awards can entirely capture.  On arrival, it will be there for every self-drive hirer to discover and eulogise for themselves.