Ferrari 488 GTB Turbo puts on a show in Geneva

signature-car-hire-geneva-ferrari-488-GTB-frontAs anyone who knows their supercars would expect, the Ferrari stand has been particularly popular in Geneva this year.

This is predominantly because it played host to the new Ferrari 488 GTB, the hotly-anticipated successor to the 458 Italia, which has been making headlines across the globe.

Although some critics are saying it looks very similar to the 458, and others say it ‘looks like a smaller, slightly melted version of the LaFerrari’, the car has been widely praised for its design, which builds on previous successes rather than throwing them away for the sake of innovation.

signature-car-hire-geneva-ferrari-488-GTB-dee-bhatiaIn fact Signature’s Founder & CEO Dee said the following whilst at Geneva on the opening day this year that “Another top draw for me was the Ferrari 488. How can you possibly improve on the 458? Well Ferrari have! Sleek cut lines, an instrument panel tailored around the driver – all very impressive.”

The 488 GTB’s new features include side air vents, whopping great scoops under the nose, a blown rear spoiler, new lights and different wheels.

The car is, unsurprisingly given the nature of its siblings, mid-engined and boasts a 3.9 litre twin-turbocharged V8, which gives you 661 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque.


It’s the first twin-turbo Ferrari have produced since their iconic F40, and more than proves its worth: it drives the car from 0-62MPH in a flat three seconds. Furthermore, the top speed is around 210MPH, which should have the car’s rivals (hello McLaren) quaking in their boots.

A quick word on the name – the 488 number is derived from the capacity of one cylinder (488cc), which breaks from the previous naming tradition (based on engine capacity) and could, as some critics argue, signal a move towards a shake-up in the product range. Watch this space!

For now, however, Ferrari fans can content themselves with viewing the envy-inducing trailer made by Ferrari to showcase the 488. Featuring the car powering through some gorgeous mountain scenery, it’s cleverly calculated to make you want one of these beautiful cars. Now.