Ferrari Enzo Splits in Half and Still Makes Over a Million Dollars

The Ferrari Enzo – named after Enzo Ferrari himself – is rarity personified; this beautifully designed hypercar had only four hundred models made, thus becoming one of the most sought after cars in recent years. Although the Enzo originally pooled in approximately $600,000 when it was revealed in 2002, values have, naturally, only increased since. The final Enzo to ever be built is owned by Pope John Paul II and sold at auction for $6,000,000 – ten times its original price. That is, without a doubt, a lot of zero’s…

Horrendous Crash Leads to a Glorious Rising

There exists, though, an even more surprising story of an Enzo at auction, which emerged just this week. You may remember the headlines surrounding this car for all the wrong reasons: this particular Ferrari Enzo suffered an infamous crash in the United States in 2006, whereby its owner, Stefan Eriksson, crashed it into a pole along the Pacific Coast Highway. To the sound of a thousand hearts breaking, chassis 135564 was incredibly split in two as a result of the 162 MPH collision, leaving the cockpit and nose on one side of the road, opposite to the engine and sub-frame on the other.

Whispers of a total write-off were not far away, however, the Ferrari Enzo held value even in two separate pieces. Deemed as worthy of a fix, the Enzo was not thrown to the depths of despair, and instead, travelled back to the factory where its makers poured their souls into its rebuild and repair.

Refurbished to new, the Ferrari Enzo was changed from the ever-popular Rosso Corsa red to a black gloss, certified by the manufacturer, and resurrected to former glory once again.

“How amazing”, we hear you murmur. Indeed, it is an astonishing achievement, and the born-again Ferrari Enzo has continued to do its team proud. Auctioned in the RM Sotheby sale in Paris this February, the Enzo bagged fifth top earner of the day, selling for $1,750,000!

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