Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Continues To Dominate – Virtually

The new Ferrari kid on the block is not yet ready for customer driving and yet it continues to hold the front page in the media.

More and more footage is released detailing the forthcoming Ferrari in all its scarlet glory.  It is still to hit the roads for real, in the hands of its adoring, and luckily rich, owners. In the meantime, it is just as well that fabulous footage keeps on being made available for prospective drivers to drink in the beauty of this latest front-engined Ferrari flagship.

First the test circuit, then Ferrari’s F1 drivers, and now this video shows the F12 Berlinetta off to her best side. Another plus is that the video showcases the build process and wind-tunnel testing as well as some dramatic deserted arid country roads.

For an equally-dramatic drive, try the Ferrari 458 Italia on for size. Award-winning more than thirty times over, the Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe shows that you can see something more than once and still be left breathless.

The V8 engine, aviation-developed chassis, F1 gearbox and dual clutch all combine for a supreme self-drive hire experience.  Of course, drivers will have to contend with quite possibly being a supporting cast member in your own home movie as amateur paparazzi and Ferrari fans film the hire experience, whether you drift the open roads or choose a cityscape for your supercar hire experience.

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