Ferrari Reveal their Ferrari Portofino

ferrariFerrari cleverly combines elegance, sportiness, and on board comfort to create a new V8 GT sports car which they believe will supersede all other cars in its segment of the market. The new sports car has been named after the popular port town of Portofino where its elegant and luxurious heritage reflects the cars ethos.

The Portofino is a drop-top sports car that is incredibly adaptable and compelling at the same time. Fans can salivate at the powerful 600 cv which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a staggering 3.5 seconds. Practicality is not overlooked and the sports car boasts a retractable hard top, a generous boot and spacious cockpit in addition to two rear seats.

Ferrari have utilised modern production techniques which results in a significant overall weight loss when compared to the California T which it replaces. The resulting 40 cv improvement produces the famous Ferrari growl which can only be fully appreciated with the top down. Other improvements include new pistons and con-rods, intake system design, one piece exhaust header and variable boost management which come together to offer higher levels of acceleration and lower fuel consumption.

The Ferrari Portofino has powerful styling and comes with a two-box fastback configuration, the first seen in a coupe-convertible with retractable hard top which contributes to achieve a sportier shape which is dynamic, sleek and elegant.

The Aerodynamics Department at Ferrari have improved efficiency with the introduction of the large front radiator grille opening which spans the contoured nose up front. Innovative air intakes are cleverly integrated outside the edge of the headlights to vent air into the front wheel arch to exit along the side to reduce drag.

Tail lights placement is further apart and accentuates the sporty appeal of the drop top and cleverly hides the rear volume housing the all new RHT which has a more lightweight design and can be raised or lowered at low speeds.

Ferrari designers have also considered driver and passenger comfort. Focus is on the infotainment system with a 10.2” touchscreen display, new air-conditioning, new steering wheel, 18 way electrically adjustable seats and back rest design which gives more space up back for passengers.  Driver and passengers will also benefit from the new wind deflector which cuts air flow inside the cabin by 30% in addition to reducing aerodynamic noise.