Ferrari Will Show the 458 Monte Carlo in Germany

Frankfurt will be the city that Ferrari will reveal the 458 Monte Carlo. This marks the start of a new era for Ferrari. This new car will be shown to a selected audience, exclusive customers and dealers at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

The 458 Monte Carlo is thought to be completely improved from the Scuderia and some of the features that it includes are going to make Ferrari enthusiasts excited. Said to be the ultimate 458, it is the hardcore version of the 458 that is pushing Ferrari’s expertise to new heights.

Rumours are flying online about the transmission system of the 458 Monte Carlo. It could be a dual clutch transmission or it could also be a single-clutch sequential transmission. The 458 is said to have less excess weight than previous models of Ferraris and it also has added horsepower. It’s clear from these two features that this 458 Monte Carlo means business.

The texture and history of the 458 Monte Carlo is named after the famed city in Monaco, one of the havens for luxury that is renowned for its opulent casinos and luxury cars. Fans think that this supercharged and tough version of the 458 could break records when it is put to the test on the Fiorana track. As Ferrari fans wait for performance driving to be redefined in September, Ferrari knows that all eyes are on them to deliver.