Four Tips for a Work-Life Balance

_BS_3022In this fast-paced world, one of the biggest challenges faced by all is maintaining a successful work-life balance. Pressure from competitors, colleagues and superiors are endless, while modern day technology ensures workers are accessible around the clock. It is worth remembering, though, that compounding stress from a never-ending work life can be damaging to relationships, health and overall happiness.

What tips can you employ in order to keep a work-life balance?

1. Let Go of Perfectionism

One of the keys to not burning yourself out is to not allow perfectionism to set in and/or take over. It is a common trait among over-achievers yet hard to maintain, due to the consistently complicated nature of life. Perfectionism is almost always out of reach, thus causing the habit to become destructive before anything else.

2. Unplug

Technology is a constant feature of our lives nowadays, and while it has helped us in many ways, it has also created expectations of constant accessibility in which the workday never has to end. However, it is important to let yourself switch off from this world and enjoy time without the incessant interruption of phone notifications; during downtime, each phone notification injects an undercurrent of stress into your system. Therefore, separate off-time and work-time and avoid setting yourself up for greater stress.

3. Exercise

It is undeniable that for most of us, when our calendar days fill up, one of the first important activities sacrificed – if ever scheduled at all – is exercise. However, exercise should be the last activity to go; exercise is one of the best stress-relievers at our fingertips and pumps endorphins around your body to keep you in a state of happiness.

4. Limit Time-Wasting Activities

It is valuable to regularly assess the makeup of your day and decide which activities require more time and dedication and, likewise, which require less. Trim unnecessary, time-wasting actions within your daily schedule – or from it altogether – and ensure that you are working to your maximum possible productivity. Find diplomatic ways to limit similar, unnecessary influences from your life too, be it the office chatterbox or the office clowns. Instead, focus on the people and activities that reward you the most.

The key to maintaining a work-life balance is to regularly take stock and evaluate exactly how you are spending your time and energy; when changes need to be made, waste no time in creating them. These tips are an excellent start up to maintaining a good work-life balance.