Green is the colour for car buyers

Whenever you hear the phrase green cars, it’s easy to think it’s about environmentally friendly cars. However, we are talking about colours for the exterior. Pantone, the international authority on colour trends said that Emerald Green is the colour of 2013. It seems like car buyers are going with the hot trend which is why more customers are choosing green coloured cars, according to a new report from BASF.

Green for cars is changing the perception that it only comes in lime green shades. The BASF report says that green is now the colour of choice for drivers that want to stand out from the crowd. Green is the top pick compared to traditional colours such as silver, white, blue and black.

It also signals a shift in consumer spending – car enthusiasts are choosing colours like green because they want more personalisation and customisation in their businesses. From shades like lime green to the deep hues of forest green, this colour is showing off the possibilities that exist for the discerning car consumer.

Have a look at the selection of pictures below and see how marques like Lamborghini, Porsche and Audi have made their supercars in some shades of green.