Gumball 3000 Gets its Most Stylish Team Yet


The Gumball 3000 race is, for most people, merely a thing of fantasy. This glamorous pageant of supercars, which takes in a host of countries across the world, comes with a hefty price tag that few can afford – even if they do own a supercar. Previous participants have included Jodie Kidd, Lewis Hamilton, and Tony Hawk, and the nightly parties are legendary.

Despite various problems over the years the event – which isn’t technically a race for legal reasons – is as popular as ever, and yet more famous brands are getting in on the act. This year, for example, fashion brand Guess Inc. is collaborating with Gumball 3000 and raising the style stakes by sending a team of models along for the ride.

Long-legged beauties Danielle Knudson, Simone Holtznagel and Natalie Pack, travelled to Oslo; Copenhagen; Amsterdam; Reno; San Francisco, and Los Angeles and finished in Las Vegas. To mark the occasion Guess created red and white leather jackets for the driving team, which – understandably – looked really rather fetching in the official photoshoot.

Guess also designed chic black denim jackets for other race participants. As if they didn’t have enough perks already!