Hearty homecoming for Unique Bentley Embiricos

A vintage racing car recently returned to Crewe.  The instincts of this car live on in the Continental GT and the classic car certainly continues to turn heads.

Inhabitants of and visitors to Crewe, the birthplace of W.O. Bentley’s cars, are lucky enough to be privy to the visitation of a striking spectre at the moment.   Currently on display at the Lineage Showroom in Bentley’s Crewe production facility, the 4.25 litre Embiricos Special will be on show until September.    

This beautiful car was built in partnership with the French coachbuilders Pourtout Carrossier as a very early example of their ability to bespoke their peerless vehicles according to special commissions.  Tailored for Andre Embiricos, this beautiful Bentley is certainly one of the more attention-arresting creations of all of his creations, for all the right reasons.  Two decades after the birth of the marque on January 18th 1919, the famous and wealthy Greek racing driver commanded the development of an aerodynamic model with an excellent design and exceptional top speed.  This unique car was born.  The Derby Bentley was built with age-hardened aluminium alloy to achieve the lightest possible track weight.  With such enhanced power-to-weight ratio, the car reached a top speed of 114.64 mph.

In 1939, this amazing car was bought by its new owner, H.S.F. Hay, who raced it in three different Le Mans Twenty-Four Hours events, finishing sixth overall in 1949.  This living lesson in the history of the marque then became the inspiration for the design of the 1952 Type R Continental.  It was considered so influential it is believed that today’s Continental GT Coupé can claim direct lineage to this predecessor.

Richard Charlesworth, Bentley Director of Royal and VIP Relations and Head of the Bentley Heritage Collection was suitably proud as he declared that “it is an honour for Bentley to exhibit this unique Bentley for the first time, thanks to the generosity of its esteemed owner. Its sleek form was extremely advanced for the time, and its DNA can still be seen in modern Bentley coupes today. We are looking forward to showing the Embiricos to our factory visitors, and to the public at the upcoming Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance.”

To feel that inspiration and genetic magnetism for yourself, our Bentley Continental GTC V8 represents the best that a contemporary Bentley can achieve with regards to combining Bentley presence with their legendary racing heritage.  It even does all of this in a convertible.   With modern interpretation, this Grand Tourer enjoys the benefits of a 4.0 litre engine interlaced with a superbly smooth and swift eight-speed automatic gearbox.   The looks of the car are also suitably attired.  Wearing a race-bred exterior and interior, yet swathed in undisguised Bentley luxury, this supercar is ideal for a Bentley-flavoured self-drive hire. Check out our GTC V8 up close and personal below:

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