Hire a 4 x 4 to Beat the Winter Weather!

rangeroverWe’ve already had snow once this month, and December is looking like it’s going to be a cold one! Whilst this is wonderful for those who love a frosty landscape  or need a good excuse to skip work and stay under the duvet, it’s less helpful if you need to trek across the country to visit friends and relatives.

Fortunately, there is a solution – hire one of our impressive 4×4 cars and you’re guaranteed to beat the winter weather. Not only will these cars ensure you get to wherever you need to go – be that Ben Nevis or the Alps, but they’re also a great Christmas treat for you and your family. What could be better than driving in a luxurious 4×4, snuggled into heated seats that make you forget it’s snowing outside? Better still, our 4×4 hire cars come with the highest specifications, meaning that you and your family can enjoy the best audio equipment during your journey. Tired parents can even relax with their favourite music in the front while children watch a festive film in the back – bliss!

The only difficult part of 4×4 hire with Signature is deciding which of our models to choose. Regular readers will know that we are huge Range Rover fans, and we have an extensive stable of them for you to pick from. One of our favourites is the Range Rover Sport, a relatively new model which offers a sumptuous ride alongside staggering performance – great for those who want to put it to the limits during a Christmas drive! Many of our models also have the Autobiography specification, which upgrades them to another level of luxury and adds in extra features to ensure a brilliant drive.


For those needing a little more space, our Long Wheelbase Range Rovers are perfect: extra room for presents, extra room for stretching out and a few unique features you won’t find elsewhere. If you’ve brought too much luggage or you find standard seats uncomfortable, then this is the car for you. On the other end of the Range Rover spectrum is our – comparatively – pint sized Evoque. Chic, sprightly and with a stamp of approval from style queen Victoria Beckham, this is an automotive way of dressing to impress.

If you’re more of a Porsche fan, however, we also have a gleaming white Cayenne available to hire. Building on the brand’s high performance credentials, this is something sporty and fun that will nevertheless get you through snowdrifts when the need arises.

Hiring a 4×4 is an easy and fun way to ensure stress free driving this winter. The only downside is that there’s no excuse not to visit your in-laws this Christmas – sorry!