Inside Audi’s digital interior

Tnew audi TThe Audi TT’s interior got a full looking into at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The interior should go into a production model of the TT. We can see the digital influence all over the cabin of the TT from the 12.3” TFT monitor that lies at the heart of the cabin to the digital instrument panel.

It looks like Audi want to bring digital technology and industrial engineering together from the comfort of the leather upholstered interior. Style and classic imaging is not lost on the interior. Audi have announced that the tachometer and the speedometer can be seen in the classic view if the driver wants to look at the classic version. There is also an infotainment option where all of the instruments on the dial look smaller which makes them easier for the driver to see.

Dr. Ulrich Hackenburg of Audi said of the interior at CES, “With the new Audi TT, the driver will be able to experience the technology to an even greater extent – just as would be expected from a genuine sports car. And it comes with a new generation of electronics and connectivity features.” This new generation is seen through the 3D theme of the interior while the driver is put in charge of the cabin with MMI, which is full-text search function. The MMI function allows the driver to zoom in on maps to help navigate where to go, for example.

The seats of the car have been given an upgrade to highlight comfort and style. The silhouettes of the seats are highlighted by bezels on the backrest while the side bolsters of the seats help the seats get adjusted. Audi says it was inspired by aviation when it was brainstorming ideas for this cockpit. We can see why – the air nozzles which are round are inspired by the circular beauty of engines in jets, for examples. As in aviation, the pilot is the leader of the plane and the driver clearly is the central focus of the brand new Audi TT interior.

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