Interview with our Wedding Specialist; Krissy

signature-wedding-car-hire-rolls-royceIf you had to name your top three favourite cars, what would they be?

I would say the Rolls Royce Ghost for sure without a second thought! It is so elegant; from both the exterior to the interior it oozes pure class and luxury. I have been extremely lucky to have been chauffeur driven in the Rolls Royce Ghost a number of times and I still get excited during the lead up to the day – every time I love it!

I think the Brand New Range Rovers are amazing! They are absolutely stunning to see on the road. It’s such a diverse car and we have such an extensive range that we have one to suit anyone’s requirements! Whether you are looking for a family car or travelling alone you will love the comfort, ease of driving and presence of the Range Rover. My flavour at the moment is our Range Rover Vogue 5L Super Charged Autobiography in Luxor Beige – Beautiful!

Of course, I’m always thinking about weddings, so as soon as I saw the new Range Rover design I knew they’d be perfect for brides and grooms for their special day. Range Rovers are in fact becoming a very popular choice for wedding hire – as you can see from this recent client’s story. I always recommend them if a bride is looking for style, luxury – and enough room for her dress!

Lastly but most importantly my all-time favourite car from our fleet is our Aston Martin Virage Volante. I love to admire it when it in the show room (very rarely get the chance mind you. As it is always out!)

Did any of the cars exceed the expectations you had before you saw them for the first time?

The Lamborghini Aventador without a doubt, of course the images looked amazing but when I saw one for the first time I was blown away! The presence of the car in the Experience Centre is unreal! Everyone who visits us is always drawn to it no matter where it’s situated in the showroom!

What was your initial reaction when you first stepped into your top car; the Aston Martin Virage Volante?

When I first saw the Aston Martin Virage Volante, it was love at first sight! But when I stepped in and sat in the driver’s seat the excitement was beyond control! I was fascinated with all the features. This is a great drive, powerful and fast but a car that can be driven with ease and comfort.

What’s the most challenging request you’ve ever had to fulfil?

I don’t think I have ever had a challenging request but maybe that is because I love to make anyone’s dream possible! We have assisted with many proposals, engagements, weddings and anniversaries in the past. Every hire has a unique touch as I get to know my clients so well that I know what special touch I can add, to make their experience the best possible.

Do you only provide the service for the brides?

At weddings, most of us are guilty on focusing on the bride and forget about the Groom, as he gets swept to one side! So I always ensure our Grooms are well looked after, as well as the important guests and families!

It’s a special day for both the bride and groom, and I love helping grooms find the perfect car to ensure they arrive in style in front of all their friends. It’s also quite common that friends or relatives of the wedding couple come to me on without the couple, looking to hire a wedding car as a gift or surprise for them. This can even happen at the very last minute, which can be challenging – but it’s always wonderful to see the hard work pay off.

Why do you invite couples to come and see the cars in the Experience Centre?

We own all our vehicles outright and I can send videos, images and explain everything you want to know about. However until you have been to the Experience Centre and seen the cars and sat in them for yourself you will not know the true extent of how beautiful and well maintained our cars really are. Plus it is always nice for clients to be able to be reassured that the vehicle they have chosen and imagine is what they will receive on the day. Lastly most of my clients come and visit as they love all the options I suggest and need to see the cars all in front of them to make a decision – some end up incorporating all their favourites into their wedding day!

I understand that customers often send you pictures and stories after their big day – do you have any favourites?

I love hearing from all my clients and the best part is seeing photographs of our Brides and Grooms with their Wedding Cars. It is lovely to see our cars making a special touch on one of the biggest days of someone’s life! To be honest with you I cannot think of any favourites! All have been very special and heart-warming to receive, including the latest feedback from Sarah and Ben. Sarah said ““We had the most perfect day and were thrilled with our car. Many thanks.”

If you were planning your wedding and needed a car (plus any extras you like!) what would you choose and why?

I would probably choose our Rolls Royce Ghost, with a personalised ribbon and Pink Champagne! As I mentioned earlier the Rolls Royce Ghost is not only beautiful it is so luxurious inside and comfort on your Big Day is very important.

What’s the most romantic request you’ve had?

One of the most romantic requests that have stuck with me was when one of our clients Atish proposed to his Girlfriend Beejal. Atish has always been a fan of Supercars and decided to hire our Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-5 Spyder. He drove Beejal to the London Eye where a pre-booked private capsule was waiting for them followed by dinner at China Tang located in the Dorchester Hotel. We were even thrilled to receive an invite to the wedding! Assisting the couple with the proposal and then being honored as their guests on their big day was really touching for us all here at Signature.

signature-wedding-car-hire-bentleyThere’s a big trend towards making weddings unusual and/or modern – what car would you recommend if I wanted something a little unusual?

Anyone looking for something unusual should definitely be coming down to the Experience Centre and viewing our vast fleet of cars. We have super cars that are far from ordinary for the self-drive fans and also our Bentley Flying Spur Speed in a very unique colour – Sand White.

Why is the Signature Wedding Experience so successful?

I feel we are successful as we do genuinely care about our clients and the most important thing for us is customer satisfaction. We understand Weddings are important and stressful so if we can relieve the couple of one of their many stresses we will! We are always told our attention to detail is impeccable along with our service. Also our couples and their families always trust us and our suggestions making it easier for them to choose the right car. It also goes without saying we will always go above and beyond our client’s requirements and have been known to sneak in some lovely surprises on the day!