Interview with Signature’s Accounts Manager, Jack Gohil

jackYou’re the longest standing member of staff, how long have you been with the group?
It is hard to believe it is over 20 years!

What has changed most during this time?
A lot! I have seen the company grow and expand over the years from a family business run from home to a Global operation with numerous businesses in diverse business sectors. I have also seen Dee grow and mature from a young man to a successful and confident entrepreneur. I am very proud of Dee and all he has achieved and proud to still be part of the team his late father established so many years ago.

How have you changed during this time?

In the early days it was essential to be able to fit into many roles. Over time I have adapted as the company has grown and have had the opportunity to work with very nice people along the way which has enabled me to now specialise in the accounts division. I have also had to move from one location to another as the business expanded; I am sure 20 years ago I would not have foreseen the amazing offices I now work in which look over a spectacular showroom!


You must have seen a lot of cars during this time, what has been the most memorable.
It is very difficult to choose, every new car that arrives causes a stir in the office with people looking out to see what’s causing all the noise! The most memorable is probably the bright yellow Lamborghini, our first supercar on fleet which revved into the business estate we were then located at. As the business was new and no-one was aware of what we did it really caused a stir and everything literally stopped as everyone drew near to take a closer look.

What has made you stay with the company so long?
It is a great place to work. I am a loyal person and support Dee and his family as they have supported me over the years. I couldn’t really imagine wanting to work anywhere else.

What car would you drive from the fleet for a weekend away?

The Rolls Royce Ghost…with a chauffeur!


Where would you go and with whom?
I’d love to treat my wife to a luxury weekend where we can both relax, enjoy good food and be treated like royalty.

What in life have you been most proud of?
My son.

What are you happiest memories?
The birth of my son, watching him grow and learn, his first steps, his first walk….and then suddenly his graduation and marriage. As any parent knows, it is hard to pick. I am truly blessed.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is faith in the almighty. It gives me inspiration, strength and determination to achieve my goals.

What can’t you live without?
My wife. My family.

Three items on a desert island……what would they be?
1) Wife
2) Can of Fosters
3) Photo album