Interview with Signature’s Special Projects Manager, Rob McAllister

signature-new-project-manager-rolls-royceYou’ve just joined, what attracted you to want to work for Signature Chauffeuring?
I recognised the opportunity to join a current market leader that also has the desire for future growth and further success. Signature also operates with extremely high standards which is something I can personally relate to so it seemed a good match!

What were you doing before?
Before arriving at Signature I was doing Security Chauffeuring both here in the UK, and more recently in South Africa, and if you have ever thought about going please don’t be put off because of its dangerous reputation! It really is a remarkable country and really and truly well worth a visit.

What does your role entail?
My role is pretty mixed, I was offered the position of Special Projects Manager by Signature so I wasn’t employed solely as just a chauffeur, albeit it was part of the job, with my background Signature had elected for me to be channelled primarily more into working internally on the chauffeuring team operations as a whole with a potential view to being involved within other areas within the business in future as well. A nice mix.

Is efficiency important for a chauffeuring company and if so why?
Very. Efficiency is always high on client’s lists of ‘must haves’ from a chauffeuring provider. Dealing with top tier clientele wasted time will no doubt mean wasted money so providing a safe, faultless and efficient service is paramount.

What would you say are Signature Chauffeuring’s top 5 USPs?
1. Reliability, If a promise or agreement is made to a client then its honoured. No excuses.
2. Flexibly, that might seem a pretty standard selling proposition but being able to be completely flexible for clients without compromising service is the real key.
3. Consistency, Be able to provide that peace of mind to a client that the service will be at a superior level 10/10 is definitely something others aspire to but rarely achieve.
4. Attention to detail, detail, small details make a big difference.
5. Focused, The client is still the centre of the operation, this is never forgotten. Other company’s over time almost become so focused on their bottom line that they forget this core principle.

How do our customers rate our cars and service?
It’s fair to say we are held in extremely high regard. Signature has clearly worked hard to forge a certain reputation with level of service high above other providers and this is clear to all the clients that we serve, this can be easily measured by the amount of returning customers and account holders.

What’s the best feedback you have had to date about our cars or service?
I think when a client immediately opened an account after an initial booking, then in the same conversation made 3 future bookings all at once!

signature-new-project-managerWhat cars would you recommend for an important business trip, a transfer from Airport to Hotel and a wedding?
When it comes to business trips, these usually involved high mileages so my first choice would be a Range Rover Vogue / Autobiography, this provides ultimate comfort for both the client and fellow passengers, being a 4×4 it gives me a higher driving position, better all-around 360 vision to ensure 100% level of safety and security for the client whilst in transit.

With airport transfers, in all honesty it depends on how many people are involved, if there’s more than 2 that I would select a Mercedes Viano, purely to ensure there’s is enough space comfortably for both clients and all their luggage.

Weddings, there really is only one option, the pinnacle of British luxury and elegance, the Rolls Royce Ghost.

If a reader was currently using another company for their chauffeuring service how would you convince them to try Signature?
I would keep it very simple, no pressurised hard sell, just say quite simply that I’m sure other companies are meetings your needs quite adequately but, Signature is not the chauffeur service you need, it’s the service you want and deserve.

What services do you offer that the competition might not?
London is attracting a lot of international wealth (even more so than before!) from the likes of the Middle East, China, to Russia and India. Whether its business or pleasure these high net worth individuals rightly like to feel safe and secure when travelling so being able to meet that need with the ability to provide highly trained and licenced security chauffeurs and personnel with the appropriate vehicles is certainly something that’s sets Signature apart from a mainstream standard chauffeur companies. I personally have invested a great deal of time and money over the years in sourcing various aspects of accredited training from protective security, advanced driving, security chauffeuring, armed and unarmed combat, to surveillance and first aid/medical to ensure I am head and shoulders ahead of the competition and that the service I deliver for myself and my employer is unquestionably first class.


If you were to be chauffeur driven for the day, which Signature car would you be sitting in and who would be your chauffeur (anyone from history!)
Tough one, I would have to say either Steve McQueen or Frank Sinatra at the wheel and in the Bentley Flying Spur Speed, all the comfort of a Rolls Royce without the draw of attention. It offers unrestrained luxury alongside uncompromising performance, perfect recipe for enjoyment for driver and passenger alike. The flying spur speed is proof that the twin objectives of power and luxury can definitely be achieved!

And where would you be driven?
I’m outdoors man so either the New Forest, to a place called ‘Chewton Glen’ or ‘The Treehouse’ at Harptree Court near Bath, it’s a perfect hideaway escape from the normal urban surroundings were all used to, its complete with all the mod cons and even a bit of luxury from a copper bath, its own veranda, wood-burner, Persian rugs and leather armchairs, not a bad show from a treehouse…. It even has iPod docking WIFI! What more could a hard working individual want when it comes to having a bit of a recharge (Only problem is your bank balance needs a recharge afterwards too!)

What is your favourite car on fleet at Signature (prestige or performance) and why?
Currently, I would say the Aston Martin Virage Volante, I truly believe that Aston Martins are without a shadow of a doubt the best looking cars on the road today, weather its modern or classic, DBS or DB5, Aston Martins are consistently striking cars, couple that with perfect performance and you have the superb car in my eyes. Real craftsmanship, and plus its British!

signature-new-project-manager-aston-martin-virageWhat’s your motto?
Work hard, stay humble.

Who is your inspiration?
Winston Churchill, He rallied the British people during WWII, stood up for the UK and led his, our country from the brink of defeat to victory against overwhelming odds. You cannot help but salute that. Certainly a man I would have liked to have whisky with!

Steve Jobs, he had a vision to produce a series of revolutionary technologies that if were pitched to us before today would seem pure fantasy, but he managed to bring them to life changing the way we communicate and live for ever, whilst battling pancreatic cancer…. a truly magnificent achievement.

J.K Rowling, a true “rags to riches” life story, she progressed from a single mum living on state benefits to multi-millionaire status……….within five years. achieved only through sheer determination and the tenacity to never give up. Not many people know that during those hard times she was diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated suicide and that same illness was what inspired the soul-sucking ‘dementor’ creatures introduced in the third potter book.

What can’t you live without?
Coffee, working in this industry you need to be able to perform constantly for unusually long periods of time and sometimes you just need a helping hand so a good source of Americano’s is a must have for me!