Is a New Lamborghini Aventador SV on the Cards?

One of the latest rumours to take the car enthusiast community by storm is the word that Lamborghini is prepping an SV or SuperVeloce version of the much-loved Aventador. There are several reasons as to why Lamborghini would consider having a SV version but the most popular reason seems to be that the thirst for Aventadors continues to be there and it needs to be quenched. The SuperVeloce version means that this will be a strong version of the bull-inspired supercar as if it wasn’t powerful already (and of course you know that it is).

The SV version of the Aventador is said to have a fierce chassis and it is also going to be as aerodynamic as the Aventador. Word on the street is that the Aventador SV may have a 6.5 litre V12 engine that allows the car to surge with around 730 horsepower. Other enticing details include front brake callipers that are positioned in a different way and centre-lock wheels.

It’s clear that this enhanced Lamborghini might be the company’s answer to competition and a need to innovate to add new spark to the Aventador stable. The SuperVeloce might be débuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn.

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